CoursesLevel 1 - Introduction to Forest School

Level 1 – Introduction to Forest School

1.0a Level 1 – Introduction to Forest Schools Criteria and Specifications

The purpose of this Unit is to provide an introduction to Forest Schools. The aim is to ensure participants understand the principles of Forest School and have attended at least one Forest School practical session.
NIFSA can deliver the training. Cost is £210 (which includes certification for all participants) and delivery is 9am to 1pm. You can also deliver the course in-house for free as long as the tutor has their NIFSA Forest School Leader Level 3 qualification.
Two options are available for certification- NIFSA or Open College Network NI
Both options use the workbook provided. The difference is NIFSA is £5 per participant but there are no credits attached. Open College Network NI is £60 per participant and has 1 credit attached to it.

1.0b Level 1 – Introduction to Forest School Workbook

Workbook for Introduction to Forest School

1.0c Level 1 – About NIFSA

Who is the Northern Ireland Forest School Association?

1.1 What is Forest School – Teachers TV

Introduction to Forest School clip

1.2 What is a Forest School

Presentation highlighting the main considerations to being a Forest School

2.1 Developmental Benefits of Forest School

Looking at some of the main developmental benefits of attending Forest Children

3.1 Types of Play

What types of play does Forest School support?

4.1 How does Forest School support National Strategies?

Forest School is not an added extra, it supports so many national strategies

5.1a Wildlife id

Why and how to identify species in your woodland.

5.1b Environmental impact

How will your Forest School impact the environment?

6.1 Risks at Forest School

Manage risks at Forest School

7. 1 Registration & Assessment for Level 1

7.2 Candidate Verification and Certification

7.3 Complaints and Appeals Policies

If you are unhappy with any of the decisions made by NIFSA regarding your qualification please follow the guidelines attached.