Autumn Wreath

Use the pretty coloured leaves which have fallen off the trees

Baked Campfire Apples

Use the fire to make this warming snack

Barefoot Walking

Feel the world under your feet


Become a nature detective

Bird Feeder

Help the birds out over winter

Bird’s Nest

Have a go at making a nest. Make it harder and use a pair of tweezers to do it

Blackberry Tye-Dye

Blackberries make a great dye

Bottle Bubble Wand

Reuse those empty bottles and spend the day blowing bubbles

Bow and Arrow

Try and be like Robin Hood

Build a Dam

Use natural materials to build your own dam

CD Spinner

Find a use for those unwanted CD’s

Change of State

Are you a mad scientist?

Charcoal Pencil

Make your own pencil

Chlorophyll Painting

Use leaves to make paint

Chocolate Banana

A delicious treat made on the campfire

Clay Hedgehogs

Find out some interesting facts about your hedeghog before you make it

Dandelion Ink

Who knew you could write with a Dandelion stem

Dandelion Trumpet

Have a go at making some music

Digging for Treasure

What buried treasure will you find?


Capture your own dreams

Elder Bubble Wand

Who can blow the biggest bubble?

Elder Bug House

Make a cosy home for the bugs


What will your guess be?

Flower Threading

Who will you give your flower picture to?

Forest Friends

Make your own forest friends to play with