Become a nature detective

Bird Feeder

Help the birds out over winter

Bird’s Nest

Have a go at making a nest. Make it harder and use a pair of tweezers to do it

Build a Dam

Use natural materials to build your own dam

CD Spinner

Find a use for those unwanted CD’s

Change of State

Are you a mad scientist?

Clay Hedgehogs

Find out some interesting facts about your hedeghog before you make it


Capture your own dreams

Forest Friends

Make your own forest friends to play with

Forest Snowflake

Look at the detail in a snowflake

Ice Investigation

What are the qualities of ice?

Ice Picture

Create the most beautiful designs

Leaf Rubbings

Learn your leaves and get creative at the same time

Make a mini beast

Use mud or better still some fresh clay to make your mini beast

Make a Rainbow

Make something very special

Make a Windsock

Find out how strong the wind is blowing

Mini Teepee

Make a mini teepee for your Forest School Friends

Mud Families

Make your own mud family

Mud Print Birds

Use your hand to make bird prints

Muddy Play

Mud is good for you, scientific fact

Nail Hedgehog

Start using tools

Natural Music

Discover your natural musical talent

Natural Play

Getting outside is so good for your mental and physical health


Make this one a really difficult challenge

Number Grid

Learn maths using this number grid