Thrive Outdoors

Thrive Outdoors

5 Minute Fires

For a fire first timer, building a fire outdoors can be scary. There are so many things to consider that it’s not surprising some people are put off. The good news is, by following a few simple steps you too can enjoy the benefits of fire as a source of heat to get warm, a way to cook snacks, a space to sit around and enjoy staring into the flames, and last but not least to relax and maybe sing a few songs. It is also a great educational experience for children, especially if they are involved in the risk/benefit analysis.

Animal Antics

We would love to have animals at our setting, we are just not sure where to start…

Be a bean

Fun activity to get warmed up before a session

Bird activity

Start spotting birds


Fun activity pretending to be birds to start your session

Bug activity

Begin exploring bugs

Building with twigs and sticks

Art using natural materials


Making chalk drawings etc.

Cloud gazing

This is a great activity to do when children are a little tired after an energetic game.

Crazy races

Fun way to start your forest school session


Fun game with hoops and tennis balls

Cups and downs

Fun game to improve fine motor skills

Den building

Begin making your first den

Drawing with chalk

Using calk outdoors

ELC cant or wont

Obstacles to getting outside and getting over them


Fun game to play outside


Introduction to foraging


Start your session with simple helicopter exercise

Islands and sharks

Fun activity to start your session with

Kangaroos and frogs

Fun activity to start your sessions

Loose parts play 1

Welcome to the second edition of the Loose Parts Play Toolkit. Since 2016, when it was first published under Scotland’s Play Strategy, we have seen a burgeoning of loose parts play in schools and nurseries, play, care, childminding and out of school settings. Across the country, education and play practitioners are building a body of knowledge from their experiences of facilitating play and, at the same time, managing an array of challenges that come from the introduction of loose parts

Mask making

Make masks from household items

Outdoor ELC flowchart

Setting up an outdoor programme

Outdoor Policy – Covid

Outdoor policy for early years relating to Covid

Rainbow road

Colour recognition in nurseries