Learning About Forests

Learning About Forests

Benefits from the forest

Lots of activities exploring the forest ecosystem

Biodiversity Facts

Learn about the term Biodiversity

Carbon Dioxide

Presentation about Carbon Dioxide and climate change


This is a series of activities designed to get people observing nature using all of their senses. Each activity focuses primarily on one sense

Forest and Climate

During the year, there will be many discussions on many different levels regarding climate and climate change – and many questions will arise. Here we have summed up 10 common questions regarding forests, trees and climate – and tried giving relatively short answers. These short answers cannot cover every aspect of the problem and give a complete explanation, so we encourage you also to seek more knowledge on your own.

Habitat Mapping

Whether you are simply looking to familiarise yourselves with your surrounding environment or considering to care for it, compiling a habitat map of the area is a great starting point.

LEAF Ireland Forests

Everything you need to know about Ireland’s forests

Minibeasts in school grounds

Explore minibeasts in your school grounds

Products and benefits of trees

Products and uses for trees

Products from the forest

Products from forests

School garden planting

Plants to go in your school grounds

Sustainable citizen

The aims of this teaching material are to make pupils aware of the effect consumers
have on global warming, and to make them reflect on their role as consumers.
Further learning goal is the use of tree as a carbon sink and the importance of
forests to combat global warming.

The Climate Machine

“Everyone says, the climate is
changing,” says Robert to himself.
“There is too much CO2 in the air. They
say they will do something about it. So will I.”
Wilma-the-wisp sits up in a tree. Robert has
not discovered her, so he cannot see, that she is
smiling. But she is.

Trees are the solution

Why are trees important?

Water and forests

What can you and your class expect? The topic of water in the forest is quite common. Why then should you
use this particular guide? Isit not just another set of worksheets? This time we tried to approach it from a
“different” perspective. We planned the worksheets and the individual activitiestogether with teachers and
experts as one unit, thatshows teachers and their class a way to tackle the topic from different angles(pupils
will not only find out about some of the intracacies of the forest ecosystem, observe water directly in the
forest, but also plan how to correctly pack for a trip to the forest and have a go at doing something good for
the forest)

Web of life

Looking at how animals and plants are linked together

Wood as a material

Why choose wood as a material?