Animal Homes

Can you find all these animal homes? Mammals, birds and minibeasts live in all sorts of different places. Keep your eyes peeled next time you’re in the woods. What will you find? Some creatures live underground and some live in trees, so look all around you Can you find evidence like poo and fur? An animal might be living nearby Look out for holes in tree trunks, logs or in the ground – they could be doorways to animal homes! Top tip: tread carefully and quietly on your investigation, so you don’t scare any wildlife.

Barefoot Walking

Feel the world under your feet

Bottle Bubble Wand

Reuse those empty bottles and spend the day blowing bubbles

Bow and Arrow

Try and be like Robin Hood

Charcoal Pencil

Make your own pencil

Chlorophyll Painting

Use leaves to make paint

Chocolate Banana

A delicious treat made on the campfire

Digging for Treasure

What buried treasure will you find?


Capture your own dreams

Elder Bubble Wand

Who can blow the biggest bubble?

Elder Bug House

Make a cosy home for the bugs


What will your guess be?

God’s Eye Weaving

What colours will you use?

Hapa Zome

Create a natural, colourful picture

Journey Stick

Every journey tells it’s own story


Brighten up the darker nights

Measuring Stick

Have fun measuring

Minibeast Hunt

What critters will you find?

Mud Kitchen

So many play opportunities

Mud Pies

How will you decorate yours?

Natural Bubble Wands

How big a bubble can you make?

Natural Letters

What letters can you spot?

Nature Frames

Which shape will you choose?

Needle Compass

Which way is North?

Newspaper Bug House

Another style of bug house to try