Getting to grips with coordinates

Bird ballistics

Mathematics using some fun bird models


Making your own rockets

Calculating area

A problem solving task

Conker Maths

A fun way to practise counting, sorting and weighing. Autumn is conker season! Collect a bunch to use in these fun maths challenges. Sort your conkers from smallest to biggest Weigh them Learn about 2D and 3D shapes


Using resources to represent numbers in equations

Fractions in the Forest

To develop curiosity in the local environment and respect for it – To work together as a group – To understand fraction families – To stimulate creativity


Exploring friction and forces

Garvagh Peoples Forest Curriculum

A resource to inspire throughout the year

Giant Trees

Can you find the tallest tree in the woods? This is a fantastic and really easy way to measure trees. Just find a tree that you think is a giant, and get measuring! Can you guess which tree is the biggest, before you start measuring it? Can you think of any other easy ways to measure trees? Try them out which works best? Once you know how tall the tree is, try measuring how wide it is! Challenge your friends and see who can find the biggest tree!

Heart of the Glens Outdoor Learning Resource

The main aims of this project are to engage young people in understanding the range of important landscapes, habitats and species around them, and to encourage interaction with the natural environment within their own school grounds and further afield. It is also hoped that this project will help to overcome the perceived barriers for teachers with regards to outdoor learning. The Heart of The Glens Landscape Partnership Scheme has facilitated a range of outdoor activities with primary schools within The Glens of Antrim

Heritage in Parks

A self-guided handbook for primary school teachers to facilitate the use of local parks as outdoor classrooms

Hide and Seek Animal resource cards

Hide and Seek Animal Thematic Unit resources

Hide and Seek Thematic Unit

Hide and Seek Thematic Unit main handbook

Human bar chart

A living example to demonstrate how bar charts work

Leaf Catch Game

Catch as many leaves as you can! Watch for brightly coloured autumn leaves falling from the trees, then try and catch them! Challenge your friends and see who can catch the most Who can find the most different coloured leaves? Find out which trees the leaves have come from with our leaf ID sheet

Loose parts play 1

Welcome to the second edition of the Loose Parts Play Toolkit. Since 2016, when it was first published under Scotland’s Play Strategy, we have seen a burgeoning of loose parts play in schools and nurseries, play, care, childminding and out of school settings. Across the country, education and play practitioners are building a body of knowledge from their experiences of facilitating play and, at the same time, managing an array of challenges that come from the introduction of loose parts

Making shapes

Make 2D shapes using sticks

Messy Outdoor Maths

Julia Robertson takes a class outside to show them how to study maths outdoors

Mill Strand Lesson Plans

10 Covid-19 friendly lesson plans from Outdoor Symposium Aug 2020


Early years maths


Hunt for shapes in your outdoor space

Tree Maths

To develop curiosity in the local environment and respect for it – To recognise instruments for measuring length – To be able to use a range of instruments for measuring length – To develop accuracy when measuring – To work together as a group