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NIFSA Forest School Starter Kit Bag


The NIFSA Forest School Starter Kit Bag has everything you need to begin your outdoor learning. The kit bag has been developed over years and will stand the test of time. See the Rucksack Section in Resources for ideas on how to use the resources in the rucksack. Rucksack activities • Forest Schools in Northern Ireland (



NIFSA Forest School Starter Kitbag contents

1x 65 litre rucksack

1 x First Aid kit

1 x Dirty Teaching Book

1 set of NIFSA Boundary Flags

1 set of NIFSA Evaluation Faces

1 x NIFSA High Viz vest

10 junior hacksaws

10 potato peelers

8 pots with lids

1 x bin bags

1 x whistle

90 x clothes pegs

20 x tarpaulins

1 x Ikea carrying bag for tarps

30 x 5 foot bamboo canes

2 x balls of coloured wool

10 x tent pegs

1 x scissors