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Forest School Adventure: Outdoor Skills and Play for Children


Learn how to light a fire without matches, build a shelter to sleep in, cook on a fire, hunt for bugs and much more. From essential bushcraft basics and Stone Age survival skills to joyful outdoor play, this book is packed with ideas to bring your little ones closer to nature and all its magical offerings.



Product description


Forest School Adventure is a joy to read!… a beautifully presented and easy to use resource, ideal for teachers, scout or youth group leaders, as well as parents. The simple instructions are illustrated with superb step-by-step photographs and ideas on how to extend or adapt each activity. This book provides everything from the basics of taking children outdoors for short and easy sessions, to real challenges which will not only teach them about nature but will fill them with a sense of achievement. It is a book which should be in every school staff room and has plenty to inspire anyone with children to ditch the technology and go out and explore!”

— “Living Woods Magazine”

This practical book has lots to offer, both for experienced Forest School practitioners, and for those just setting out; many of the ideas and principles can be used in the school grounds too. Not just for teachers either – there’s plenty here for parents to enjoy and to use to encourage their children outdoors. Wherever used, the result will be happy, confident and energised children with plenty of life skills and engagement with the natural world. An excellent practical handbook, packed with inspiration.”

— “Parents In Touch”

“An attractive book crammed full of activity ideas for Forest School and outdoor play… throughout it is clearly and invitingly illustrated with photographs showing children actively engaged in different activities or illustrating step-by-step guides to specific skills.”

— “Montessori International magazine”

“If you want your kids and their friends to experience what it is really like in the wild, then this fun, family-friendly book is definitely for you.”

— “Woodworking Crafts”

About the Author

Dan Westall and Naomi Walmsley run Outback2Basics from their patch of woodland in the UK. Specialising in bushcraft and Stone Age skills, they provide unique experiences for school children and teachers to connect to nature. Dan has been a bushcraft teacher for many years and has also acted as a medic and survival consultant on various TV shows. Naomi is a qualified bushcraft instructor and Forest School Leader and believes that every child should be able to safely light a fire and have at least ten uses for a stick by the age of ten. Together, they undertook a five-month Stone Age immersion experience in the US, living in the wilderness without any modern equipment, profoundly influencing their lives and teaching. Find out more at