Halloween – pumpkins

We set up a pumpkin patch, and children explored the pumpkins in their own ways.
The pumpkins were carved, cut, washed, bounced, used to make splashes, floated, filled with water, smashed and carried around in many different containers. Children used knives, saws, drills and a hammer to open their pumpkins. We also had pumpkin innards being touched, smelt, squeezed and occasionally tasted over the course of the week.

The pumpkins we had grown were harvested, and seeds kept from this years pumpkins to plant early next year.

One group set up an experiment to see what happens to their pumpkin “Bob” over time. He is in a sealed clear plastic box with some damp soil. We will keep a close eye on Bob as he decomposes and hopefully grows new pumpkin shoots.

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