Den building 18 October 2022

Class 13 arrived for their session talking about the cold and how they would stay warm. They decided that they would need to make a fire. So they started gathering small piles of stones, leaves and sticks and made a few mini fire set ups on the stepping stones, having decided themselves that this was the safest place for a fire.

Once this was done they wanted to make seats to sit around their campfires and then decided to make shelters. Some worked as a group using tarps and bamboo poles, while one pupil used the building blocks to make a house and another put his tarp over the trolley and declared it a caravan.
We have agreed that we will build a massive den after half term.
This entire session was directed by he children, and they showed great knowledge about what they needed to make their shelters, selecting their own material from our workshop.
(Main photo shows the area when they had left).

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