Autumn walk

Children were appropriately attired in wet gear and wellington boots. The purpose of our activity was explained before going outdoors.ie: Looking for signs of Autumn
Staff members brought children to wooded area at rear of site and explained the rules of forest school and indicated the limits of the space to be used by signs.
The children were asked to first of all look up at a variety of trees. Mrs Mc Allister talked about the different types of leaves and the tree they belong to .
The children were first of all asked to find an oak leaf – with the specific shape highlighted. They children came back to base indicated by whistle and shared their findings.
Mrs Mc Allister then showed the children acorns and the children had to find some that had fallen to the ground.
The same process was carried out for the chestnut tree- finding fallen leaves. A comparison was made with the shape of the leaves from the oak.
Then conkers were collected and compared.
The children sang their Autumn leaves song .

The children completed the activity by indicating how they enjoyed the session

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