5 Minute Fires

For a fire first timer, building a fire outdoors can be scary. There are so many things to consider that it’s not surprising some people are put off. The good news is, by following a few simple steps you too can enjoy the benefits of fire as a source of heat to get warm, a way to cook snacks, a space to sit around and enjoy staring into the flames, and last but not least to relax and maybe sing a few songs. It is also a great educational experience for children, especially if they are involved in the risk/benefit analysis.

Benefits from the forest

Lots of activities exploring the forest ecosystem

Biodiversity Facts

Learn about the term Biodiversity

Heart of the Glens Outdoor Learning Resource

The main aims of this project are to engage young people in understanding the range of important landscapes, habitats and species around them, and to encourage interaction with the natural environment within their own school grounds and further afield. It is also hoped that this project will help to overcome the perceived barriers for teachers with regards to outdoor learning. The Heart of The Glens Landscape Partnership Scheme has facilitated a range of outdoor activities with primary schools within The Glens of Antrim