Language and Literacy

Migratory Bird Wordsearch

Can you find all the birds in the grid? From swifts and swallows to cuckoos and ospreys, many birds migrate to the UK for the summer. It’s a good place to raise chicks because there’s lots of natural food around. Download the wordsearch and see how many migratory birds you can find.

Mill Strand Lesson Plans

10 Covid-19 friendly lesson plans from Outdoor Symposium Aug 2020

Pebble Poems

Be a woodland poet and create pebble poems. Choose lots of flat, smooth pebbles and write one word on each to make your poem. Your poem doesn’t have to make sense nonsense is so much fun! Try creating a poem with your friends write it together Who can write the silliest poem? Write a woodland poem or story when you get home.

Story time

Storytelling is an art that begins in babyhood, perhaps as the baby gurgles away trying to keep its audience interested as they tell a story of sorts.

Viking Funeral

Great for…
• History understanding how Viking culture has affected
British society
• RE rituals and the religious significance of death
• English creative writing

Woodland Make Believe

Make up stories about woodland items. Use your imagination to describe things you find in the woods, and challenge your friends to guess what the objects are. Be as imaginative as you like look for fairy houses and dragon claws Try not to give too much away when you’re describing the items Make up a story about what you find and write it down when you get home Did your friends correctly guess what you found?

Woodland Spells

Cast a spell to create the perfect wood! What are the magic ingredients for an amazing woodland? A dash of dazzling autumn leaves? A handful of giant muddy puddles? A sprinkling of trees to climb? Collect ideas, smells, sounds and textures. Mix them up, cast a spell, then go on a hunt to find your perfect wood.