5 Minute Fires

For a fire first timer, building a fire outdoors can be scary. There are so many things to consider that it’s not surprising some people are put off. The good news is, by following a few simple steps you too can enjoy the benefits of fire as a source of heat to get warm, a way to cook snacks, a space to sit around and enjoy staring into the flames, and last but not least to relax and maybe sing a few songs. It is also a great educational experience for children, especially if they are involved in the risk/benefit analysis.

Building a fire

Explore the process and products of combustion, understand wood as a source of energy and how heat energy can be controlled and used as a tool. Also promotes awareness of fire hazards and safety procedure

Fire Management at Forest School

Looking to light a fire successfully and safely at Forest School? This video covers the fire lighting basics, including; how to lay, light and extinguish a simple fire for Forest School, including essential safety information, preparation tips and some thoughts on how to manage the space and learners at Forest School.

Fires and cooking

Introduction to fires and cooking