Education Authority

Education Authority

Outdoor Learning: 1 The Outdoor Learning Journey

Pam Lowry, the Principal of Killylea Primary School, recounts how they started off with getting the children outside 1 day a week for outdoor play.  5 years later they are an  ‘outdoor learning’ school.

Outdoor Learning: 2 Advice for Developing Outdoor Learning

All school settings are different but think of this as a long-term and ideally whole-school project. This clip offers practical pointers for getting started and developing outdoor learning.

Outdoor Learning: 3 Benefits of Outdoor Learning

Outdoor learning gives children the freedom to learn in a low stress environment and being out in nature is calming in itself for the children. This clip outlines the  many benefits for the children, teachers, parents and the school.

Outdoor Learning: 4 Planning and Delivering the Curriculum Outdoors

It is important to plan for outdoor learning and this plan should be a flexible working document. This clip gives advice on the guidance they found useful for planning and the delivery of the curriculum in an outdoor setting.

Outdoor Learning: 5 Promoting the Outdoor Learning Approach

Pam Lowry sums up the positives of outdoor learning and invites you to Killylea Primary School to see it in action.

Outdoor Learning: 6 Personal Reflection

Pam Lowry reflects on the impact of her journey with outdoor learning.