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Level 4

1.0a Introduction to the OCN NI Level 4 Award in Managing a Forest School programme

The OCN NI Level 4 Award in Forest School Programme Management qualification has been designed to enable learners to develop the knowledge and skills in order to manage a sustainable forest school programme. It uses many of the NIFSA resources that have been tried and tested.

Section 1: Register with NIFSA

Task: Become a NIFSA member and explain why you have done so.

Section 2: Developing your outdoor learning programme

Task: Write your Forest School Development Plan. Explain Why, Who, Where, What is required and When you are going to deliver your outdoor learning.

Section 3: Identifying and getting your outdoor setting ready

Task: Use the NIFSA Site Description Sheet to produce a map and a description of your Forest School site. Include photographs of key features within the site. Include the NIFSA Environmental Impact Assessment.

Section 4: Promoting Forest School Families

Task: Establish a Family Forest School programme within your organisation.

Section 5: Forest School Leader Award (Level 3)

Task: Undertake and achieve an accredited Forest School Leader Level 3 quailification. If this is not the NIFSA OCNNI Forest School Leeader Level 3 qualification this needs to be approved by NIFSA.

Section 6: Managing your outdoor activities

Task: To record your Forest School sessions providing evidence for NIFSA accreditation.

Section 7: Pupil recognition

Task: Reward pupils for their attendance and enthusiasm they show in Forest Schools with NIFSA Nature Ranger Certificates.

Section 8: Friends of Forest School

Task: Establish and support a volunteer group to help you manage your outdoor learning journey.

Section 9: Linking with other environmental and educational initiatives

Task: Getting involved with other outdoor environmental and educational programmes.

Section: Accreditation

Task: Complete and submit the NIFSA Accreditation Report template between June and October every year. NIFSA want you to continue developing your outdoor learning journey. The accreditation scheme ensures you are doing so. Celebrate your achievements by using the digital images on your letterheads etc.

T11.1 Registration & Assessment for Level 4

T11.2 Candidate Verification and Certification

T11.3 Complaints and Appeals Policies

If you are unhappy with any of the decisions made by NIFSA regarding your qualification please follow the guidelines attached.