Level 4

1.0a Introduction to the OCN NI Level 4 Award in Leadership in Forest Schools

The OCN NI Level 4 Award in Forest School Programme Management qualification has been designed to enable learners to develop the knowledge and skills in order to manage a sustainable forest school programme. It uses many of the NIFSA resources that have been tried and tested.

Step 1: Register with NIFSA

Task: Become a NIFSA member and explain why you have done so. Complete GDPR section and make sure membership details are correct.

Step 2: Developing your outdoor learning programme

Task: Write your Forest School Development Plan. Explain Why, Who, Where, What is required and When you are going to deliver your outdoor learning.

Step 3: Identifying and getting your outdoor setting ready

Task: Produce a map and a description of your Forest School site. Include photographs of key features within the site. Include an Environmental Impact Assessment Statement and a management plan on how the site will be maintained.

Step 4: Promoting Forest School Families

Task: Establish a Family Forest School programme within your organisation.

Step 5: Forest School Leader Award (Level 3)

Task: Undertake and achieve an accredited Forest School Leader Level 3 quailification. If this is not the NIFSA OCNNI Forest School Leeader Level 3 qualification this needs to be approved by NIFSA.

Step 6: Managing your outdoor activities

Task: To record your Forest School sessions providing evidence for NIFSA accreditation.

Step 7: Pupil recognition

Task: Reward pupils for their attendance and enthusiasm they show in Forest Schools with NIFSA Nature Ranger Certificates.

Step 8: Friends of Forest School

Task: Establish and support a volunteer group to help you manage your outdoor learning journey.

Step 9: Linking with other environmental and educational initiatives

Step10: Accreditation